What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). It can be practised by all ages, builds and physical abilities. The fluid movements in Aikido help to maintain and improve flexibility, balance and coordination.

Aikido developed from the ancient fighting arts and can be used in self-defence.

Students work together in Aikido. Often one person acts as defender (Nage), the other(s) as attacker (Uke). There is no competition. The ‘attacker’ simply provides a suitable attack for the ‘defender’ to practice techniques.

Winning the fight or beating the opponent is not the goal. Aikido students blend with the movement and energy of the attack.

Practice improves our harmony both physically and spiritually. It teaches us how to divert aggression in a positive way.

Benefits of Aikido

Build your fitness and tap into your energy sources.

Harmonise conflict with techniques that are not based on strength.

Gain confidence and achieve the impossible 

Fun training, social, for both adults and kids. Clear the mind and have a better day.

Encourages understanding and connections with others.

…and balance and flexibility

Riai Aikido is affiliated with Hombu Dojo, World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo Japan. All our black belts are internationally recognised and registered in Japan.

I found aikido at a time when I was looking to balance my busy working life with more time for exercise, creativity and mindfulness. I’ve tried a number of martial arts in the past, but aikido is the only one I’ve found that meets all of these criteria.

Dr Mark

Riai Aikido, Learning Centre