Who is Aikido for?

Aikido is fun for everyone – adults of all ages and we have children’s classes in Auckland and Wellington.

Aikido has many benefits, among the main benefits are:

Stress reduction

Aikido training uses breathing techniques that you can use in your everyday experiences to help stay calm under pressure. Our students often feel lighter and much better after a great training session. We love this about Aikido.

Friendly, fun environment

We are community-based clubs.  Friendly people to train with. See our teacher profiles! Come along and talk to us or send us a message.

Become more aware

Aikido training will help you become more mindful. Greater awareness of your surroundings is the start of any good martial art or self-defence training. Avoiding potentially unsafe places is one of the best defence techniques.

Self Defence

Aikido is a martial Art. Learn to avoid conflicts and deal with them peacefully if they arise. And, if the worst happens, there are techniques for getting out of trouble.

Never-ending learning

Aikido techniques are not hard to learn. The beauty of Aikido training is that it builds greater levels of focus and concentration that can be applied to all areas of your life. It’s a never-ending journey.

I liked the idea of doing a martial art but not an aggressive one, as I felt I wasn’t a particularly strong woman. Aikido appealed to me because from what I’d read, age, gender and size didn’t matter and I liked the idea of flowing movements. With a young family, life is hectic but I love the clear-headed feeling I get from aikido and the positive way aikido offers in dealing with conflict.


Riai Aikido Learning Center