Riai Aikido West Auckland


Te Atatu, Auckland


Friday 5pm to 7.30pm


Liam Venter - 021 598 5266

Aikido is a non-aggressive yet very effective martial art that uses the attacker’s energy to resolve the attack. The effectiveness of the techniques does not rely on size or strength. Aikido employs low-impact graceful circular movements, blends and evasions. Riai Aikido West Auckland teaches students how to divert aggression in a positive way. We encourage students to seek non-confrontational strategies and responses for dealing with aggressive behaviour from others.

Enrolment for Beginners is underway now. We invite you to join us for 2 free lessons.

Just turn up to any class, no need to book.

Riai West Auckland Instructors

Sensei Liam Venter

Sensei Liam Venter

2nd Dan – Aikikai

Riai Aikido West Auckland

Sensei Eric Bechet

Sensei Eric Béchet

2nd Dan – Aikikai

Riai Aikido Learning Centre

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