Aikido – Great For All Ages

If you are around 50 and want to keep fit, balanced, boost your self-confidence and learn to blend with others in a martial art that is based on peace and harmony, then Aikido is for you! I took up Aikido in this age category and two years later I am still enjoying all that this fantastic martial art has to offer.

Aikido teaches me to blend with others through the practice of techniques and to learn from them and with them. This blending is not just confined to on the mat; it is a whole life philosophy of non-aggression, peace and harmony with others. It is the way of O’Sensei, the founder of Aikido, to be at one with the universe and all who inhabit it.

Aikido allows me to be myself, to take my time to learn and assimulate moves and techniques as everyone is valued for the unique person they are and helped and supported in the particular stage they are at on their Aikido journey.

Aikido allows me to mix both on and off the mat with a diverse, interesting and friendly group of people from all walks of life, ages and abilities.

So if you are around 50 it is not too late to start to learn this fantastic martial art by following the Way of Peace and Harmony and reaping all the many positive benefits that Aikido can give you.

Margaret Wallach, Riai Wellington.