Book Review: Arts of Strength, Arts of Serenity

Nicklaus Suino. Weatherhill, 1996 A compact book of 117 pages that covers a number of Japanese Martial Arts namely, Aikido, Iaido, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Kendo, Kobudo and Kyudo. This book … Read more

Managing the mind

Our Sensei Robert Nadeau Shihan talks a lot about how the mind and the body are different systems. We tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the push … Read more


Aikido is many things to many people! It evolves with every new teacher and every new person that participates in training but I believe there is one core value that … Read more

Irimi and Atemi, Intention and Presence

Irimi and Atemi, Intention and Presence: what place do these concepts have in my journey through Aikido? I was once told that O-Sensei said Aikido was Irimi and Atemi. The … Read more

Aikido: Harmony, Unity, Peace

The term Aikido has been interpreted in many different ways. According to the Collins Dictionary, Aikido means “the way to join or receive spirits or forces”. The Oxford defines it … Read more


Sometime in 1979, Papakura Auckland: “That’s the martial art I think would be good to start” said my Ju Jitsu teacher after class one evening. Dave Butler sensei invited the … Read more

The Power of One

Just what is “The Power of One” and how can we use our personal influence to grow Aikido in our regions. If our art was dying, what could you do … Read more