Riai Aikido Wellington

News:  Beginners course is just starting – a great chance to learn a martial art in a friendly and supportive environment from internationally qualified teachers

The Wellington school of Riai Aikido is one club operating out of two locations or dojos, at City, Kaiwharawhara, and Belmont, Lower Hutt.  We run adult classes at both dojos, and teenagers’ and children’s classes (Aiki Teens and Aiki Kids) at City dojo.


Riai Aikido Wellington hosting the 35th Riai Aikido Friendship Festival with Nadeau shihan at City dojo, October 2016

Riai Aikido Wellington was established in 1993.  We are a friendly club, have an active membership, certified teachers and welcome new members with or without prior aikido experience.

Training schedule

See our training schedule page, which includes variations due to events, dojo closures etc.


Try aikido

If you are interested in Aikido, we encourage you to join our beginners’ classes or courses at either or both our dojos.  Beginners’ classes cover the fundamentals of Aikido and will guide you through the syllabus for your first grading to yellow belt, and provide a solid foundation for joining our adult classes.  See our beginners page for how to get started, or just turn up and join a lesson.  If you cannot make beginners class times then please contact us and/or turn up to one of our adults classes.

Visiting aikidoka

Are most welcome – no mat fees for occasional visits, $10 per visit if you become a regular.


Membership of Riai Aikido Wellington entitles you to train as often as you like in either of our dojos.

First three lessonsFree:  the best way to determine if aikido is right for you is to try out a class, so come along and have a go
$100 which includes all costs up to and including your first (yellow belt) grading, typically 3-4 months if training regularly ($60 for unwaged or students). This deal lasts 6 months after which time normal membership fees apply.
Annual membership fee of $450. This can be paid monthly at a small premium, $40 per month by automatic payment only.
If unwaged or a student, $20 per month (by automatic payment only) or $60 per quarter.
Annual fees are to end March and must be paid by end June. Annual fees are pro-rated if you start part way through the year.
JuniorsAiki Kids and Aiki Teens $70 per school term. The same rate applies to youths in the adult (graded) stream, while still attending school.
Casual (Visitor)$10 per class.
FamilyA 10% discount applies where there is more than one member (junior or full adult) from the same immediate family. It does not apply when a member is using the adult beginners package or are unwaged/student.

Our bank account number is 03 0502 0283 995 00

Your fees cover rentals for our dojos plus equipment costs: our instructors give their time freely. Travel support is available to attend relevant events for adult members with more than 6 months full membership (i.e. have paid full adult fees for a minimum of 7 months).  More details are provided on the members page.

Riai Aikido Wellington

Riai Aikido Wellington is an incorporated society. For more information please contact Paul Holohan (club secretary) on 021 408 569 or Please Enable Java Script to View Email

Graded members of Riai Aikido Wellington please also use our members page.