Riai Aikido Learning Centre


Grey Lynn, Auckland


Monday (kids) 5–6pm
Monday (adults) 6.30–7.30pm
Wednesday 6.30–7.30pm
Thursday 8.15–9.30pm


Henry Lynch 027 497 4993

The Riai Aikido Learning Centre is a permanent dojo where mats are down all the time. We offer specialised classes for different ranks/abilities. There are regular seminars and Aiki labs to explore aspects of Aikido. The teaching staff at the Riai Aikido Learning Centre is one of the most experienced in New Zealand with over 75 years of combined experience in Aikido.

We offer classes 3 days a week with children’s classes on Mondays 5–6pm. Visitors are encouraged to come in and watch a class and ask questions of any instructors or students.

The Riai Aikido Learning Centre is a dojo where students learn at their own pace. We look at Second Level Training and explore the communication of energy in waza or techniques. Students learning at the Riai Aikido Learning Centre have the option of completing a learning-based tool that shows what is the best learning style for them, enabling the teacher to match appropriate learning styles to individual students.

Enrolment for Beginners is open at any time.

We invite you to join us for 6 free lessons over 2 weeks. No joining fee. No long-term contract. After the first two weeks, each class costs only $18. Just turn up to any class, no need to book.

Aikido for Children

We offer children’s classes (ages 7–14) at Riai Aikido Learning Centre which are held on Mondays 5—6:00 pm. For more details please check out our Aikido for Children page.

Children’s classes run through the school term and cost $120 per term ($100 for siblings). For more information please contact Dan Furkert 022 6727 414 or fill in the contact form below.

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The Riai Aikido Learning Centre is located at:

38 Monmouth Street,
Grey Lynn,
Auckland 1021

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Riai Learning Centre Instructors

Henry Lynch

Sensei Henry Lynch

6th Dan – Aikikai

Daryl Murray

Sensei Daryl Murray

3rd Dan – Aikikai

Sensei Jennifer Senior

2nd Dan – Aikikai

Sensei Mark Sleeman

Sensei Mark Sleeman

1st Dan – Aikikai