Aikido comes to Port Waikato – 2013 Road trip to Port Waikato
Aikido Vs Rugby a topical article by University of Canterbury Journalism student Hannah Lynch

Aikido for All Ages

Aikido offers benefits to young and old alike. Here are two articles from Riai members who took up Aikido at very different ages.


In Riai we have a tradition that students who are about to grade for Shodan (1st degree black belt) or above prepare a short essay reflecting on some aspect of Aikido or Aikido training that is important to them personally, we call these essays robans. Each student reads their roban aloud at the the end of grading. As we add to the list below we hope to build up a collection of articles that capture the flavour of Riai Aikido and to provide a medium to share our experiences and insights.

Reflections Andrew Watson 2018
A couple of concepts Paul Holohan 2018
The recipe for aikido Greg Moffit 2018
Peace Daryl Murray 2017
Managing the mind Richard Reid 2017
Where does the power come from? Mark Sleeman 2017
From rock-climbing to Aikido Eric Béchet 2017
Growing up through aikido Sylvain Béchet 2017
The bees and the flowers Victor Sugijarta 2017
How is Aikido a non-violent way in a conflict? Patrick Low 2017
My Aikido journey Lyn Meachen 2016
Sensing with my third eye Conrad Edwards 2016
The art of Aikido and non-violent communication Monica Chapman 2015
On moving in circles Helen Stott 2015
Stop thinking – start flying Estelle Wilson 2014
Observations of the impact of aikido practice on my life Mark Hobbs 2014
Meaning of aikido Chris Wallace 2014
Aikido, flow and the pursuit of self-mastery Brendon Todd 2014
An unexpected journey Paul Holohan 2014
Aikido – the path to self-perfection Greg Moffitt 2014
Irimi and atemi, intention and presence Joel Burton 2013
Aikido: harmony, unity, peace Victor Sugijarta 2013
Connections Steve West 2013
The Power Of One Vance Karena 2012
A very simple thought Liam Venter 2012
The Need For Speed Tanya Trower 2012
Aikido as a model of life German 2012
What is ki ? Mark Fitzwater 2012
The Power of the Circle Andrew Watson 2012
Ki and the Theory of Everything Richard Justice 2012
Aikido – A Path to Love Daryl Murray 2010
Aikido is greater than the sum of its parts Richard Reid 2010
Aikido Circles Margaret Wallach 2010
Form Lachlan Wallach 2009
Suppleness Conrad Edwards 2009
What Is Ki? Liam Venter 2008
Aikido On and Off the Mat Lyn Meachen 2007
Aikido Systems and Purposeful Interactions Brendon Tod 2007
The Light at the End of the Tunnel Ross Shipman 2007
Aikido and the Art of Motorcycle Handling Matt Tebbs 2007

Older robans are here until uploaded…