The recipe for aikido


  1. Sensei
  2. Manual or Syllabus
  3. Students
  4. Dojo or space
  5. Energy or feeling


1. Sensei

We all know O Sensei is the creator of Aikido and Robert Nadeau Shihan is his direct student. Our leader in New Zealand is Henry Lynch Sensei, currently a 6th Dan.  We also have our local Wellington leaders Senseis Matt, Lyn and Conrad.

It doesn’t matter how long we do Aikido for, we will always need a teacher or a leader, and I am grateful for this lineage back to O Sensei.

2. Manual or syllabus

A list of the techniques that allow us to play. They are written down and create the flavour of Riai Aikido.

3. Students

People who are interested in practicing the art of Aikido, whether they learn it for a short period of time or decades.

4. A Dojo or Space

Whether we do Aikido in an open field or a well-established dojo, the space needs to be like an empty bowl with the teachers standing at the edge, encouraging us to mix great Aikido.

Before mixing great Aikido we need to connect to the ground and feel the space or the bowl. This can be hard sometimes, we may be having a bad day or things are not working out and can interfere with the process of becoming present.

5. Energy or Feeling

These are the main ingredients.  Like a chef making a cake, he knows the ingredients well and knows how to make it from scratch. If he makes the cake without feeling, it’s just an average cake but if he settles down relaxes and calms his mind and starts mixing ingredients with passion and love – man you know it’s going to be a great tasting cake!

By simply bringing together all the above ingredients and methods we are able to experience the joy of Aikido, to immerse ourselves in all aspects of our art, this is not only a hobby but also a way of life.

I am loving my journey and am grateful that you are all part of this recipe for making a delicious “aikido cake” that just tastes so good!

Greg Moffit

Roban for nidan, May 2018