O Sensei Revisited Down Under

Robert Nadeau Shihan, 8th Dan from USA, visited New Zealand in March 2019 to conduct the O Sensei Revisited Down Under Workshop, in Auckland. Nadeau ... Read more

NZ Martial Arts Institute signs agreement with Transparency International

Sensei Henry Lynch (right) at the signing of an agreement between  NZMAI (NZ Martial Arts Institute) and Transparency International with (from letf) Suzanne Snively, Chair ... Read more

Book Review: 4 Books for Young People

Terence Webster-Doyle with illustrations by Rod Cameron. Atrium Society Publications, 1988, 1991 and 1992. Eye of the Hurricane Why is Everybody always Picking on Me ... Read more

Book Review: Angry White Pyjamas

Robert Twigger. Indigo 1997 This is considered an ‘Aikido Classic’ and takes us on the journey of the author who commences the year-long Tokyo Riot ... Read more

Book Review: The Way of Aikido- Life Lessons from an American Sensei.

George Leonard, Dutton, 1999 An original and surprising book that provides a fascinating insight into the Samurai code, as Ross tracks in search of a ... Read more

Book Review: Martial Arts Instruction

Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques in the Dojo: Lawrence A. Kane. Ymaa Publication Centre, Inc, 1997 This is a must-have book for all instructors ... Read more

Book Review: Children of the Martial Arts – An Aikido Point of View

Gaku Homma. North Atlantic Books, 1993 An excellent book that gives a different perspective on the value of martial arts training for young people.

Book Review: A Dictionary of the Martial Arts

Louis Frederic. Translator and editor Paul Crompton. Charles E Tuttle Company Inc., 1998 An exceptional reference book that covers a large number of martial arts ... Read more

Book Review: Aikido Exercises for teaching and training

C.M. Shifflett. Round Earth Publishing, 1999 This is truly one of the better books on teaching Aikido. It doesn’t matter whether you teach Aikido to ... Read more

Book Review: Ki in Aikido – A sampler of Ki exercises

C.M. Shifflett. Round Earth Publishing, 1997 This book has detailed instructions and Ki exercises. It is presented in a Step-by-Step manner with detailed illustrations. There ... Read more