Becoming a Yellow Belt (6 Kyu)

By Hannah Lynch, Riai Aikido Wellington When I was little (about 5 years old) I would always pester my dad (Henry Lynch, Riai Aikido) and say I really wanted to … Read more

Aikido – Great For All Ages

If you are around 50 and want to keep fit, balanced, boost your self-confidence and learn to blend with others in a martial art that is based on peace and … Read more

37th Riai Aikido Friendship Festival

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018 The annual Riai Aikido Friendship Festival is a well established Aikido tradition that attracts many enthusiastic Aikidoka from many different styles and parts of … Read more

Motueka Aikido August Gasshuku

Motueka & Nelson Aikido 30th Anniversary Gasshuku with Takase Shihan and Puffett, Roberts, Lynch, McConnell and Baumgartner senseis.

The recipe for aikido

Ingredients: Method: 1. Sensei We all know O Sensei is the creator of Aikido and Robert Nadeau Shihan is his direct student. Our leader in New Zealand is Henry Lynch … Read more

A couple of concepts

Having the opportunity to write and engage you all for the second time is an honour and privilege.  I have had several serious injuries on my Aiki path which I … Read more

Book Review: The Tao of Bruce Lee

Davis Miller. Vintage, 2000 Author Miller’s other work prior to this book was The Tao of Muhammad Ali. This is a very well researched and written book on Bruce Lee … Read more

Book Review: The Philosophy of Aikido

John Stevens. Kodansha International, 2001 John Stevens is a well known author of over 30 books on Aikido, Buddhism, Zen and Asian culture. He is also a Professor of Buddhist … Read more